The Marine Corps Aviation Association is honored to announce the 2020 Aviation Award Winners. These Marines have gone above and beyond in their duties, standing out as the best-of-the-best. Due to COVID restrictions, this year's Award Winners will be recognized with the 2021 Award Winners next May at the 2021 MCAA Symposium. 


Alfred A. Cunningham Award (Marine Aviator of the Year)

Captain Valerie K. Smith

HMH-465, MAG-16, 3D MAW


Robert Guy Robinson Award (Marine Naval Flight Officer of the Year)

Captain Alexander Betzel

VMFA(AW)-533, MAG-31, 2D MAW

Earle Hattaway Award (Marine Aviation Ground Officer of the Year) 

Major Calischaran James

VMFAT-101, MAG-11, 3D MAW


Robert F. Gibson Award (Marine Air Command and Control Officer of the Year)

Captain Matthew Duncan

MATCS-18, 1st MAW


Silver Hawk Award (Marine Aviator with the Earliest Designation Date)

Lieutenant General Robert F. Hedelund

Commanding General, Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic


Frank E. Petersen Jr. Award (Marine Flight Student of the Year)

First Lieutenant Jody Lamb



Danny L. Radish Award (Enlisted Aircrew of the Year)

Sergeant Cameron D. Colucci

VMM-764, MAG-41, 4th MAW


Willie D. Sproule Award (Aviation Maintenance Marine of the Year)

Sergeant Gage Mohelsky

HMH-463, MAG-24, 1st MAW

Kenneth W. Southcomb Award (Aviation Supply Marine of the Year)

Gunnery Sergeant Joagensky Dor

MALS-12, MAG-12,1st MAW

Paul G. Vess Award (Avionics Marine of the Year)

Sergeant Sean Mahoney

VMFA-112, MAG-41, 4th MAW

Gaines B. Gilbert Award (Aviation Ordnance Marine of the Year)

Sergeant John Sagrillo

VMA-214, MAG-13, 3D MAW


Kenneth A. Innis Award (Command and Control Marine of the Year)

Gunnery Sergeant Tricia Harrell

MACS-24, MACG-48, 4th MAW


Jack W. Demmond Award (Aviation Ground Marine of the Year)

Corporal Ashley Hernandez

MACS-4, MACG-18, 1st MAW


James E. Nicholson Award (Noncommissioned Marine Officer Leadership)

Sergeant Joseph J. McDonnell

HMH-462, MAG-16, 3D MAW


Michael A. Hough Award (Acquisition Excellence in Marine Aviation)

Major Nathaniel Thayer

Marine Air Det, Pax River

James Maguire Award (Exceptional Achievement in Marine Aviation)

Master Gunnery Sergeant Timothy Huber

VMFAT-501, MAG-31, 2D MAW


Robert M. Hanson Award (Marine Fighter Attack Squadron of the Year)


MAG-11, 3D MAW


Lawson H.M. Sanderson Award (Marine Attack Squadron of the Year)


MAG-14, 2D MAW


Henry Wildfang Award (Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron of the Year)


MAG-11, 3D MAW


Fred McCorkle Award (Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron of the Year)


MAG-39, 3D MAW


Keith B. McCutcheon Award (Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron of the Year)


MAG-29, 2D MAW


John P. Giguere Award (Marine Light/Attack Helicopter Squadron of the Year)


MAG-39, 3D MAW

John I. Hudson Award (Marine Unmanned Aircraft Squadron of the Year)


MAG-14, 2D MAW

Donald E. Davis Award (Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron of the Year)


MAG-36, 1st MAW


James E. Hatch Award (Marine Wing Support Squadron of the Year)




Edward S. Fris Award (Marine Air Command/Control Squadron of the Year)


MACG-18, 1st MAW


Commandant's Aviation Award (Superior Performance in Marine Aviation)


MAG-16, 3D MAW


Pete Ross Award (Marine Aviation Safety)


MAG-12, 1st MAW

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