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Welcome to Spring of 2020…just do so from at least six feet away!  Hopefully everyone is hunkered down and allowing the COVID-19 wave to pass overhead without impact. For those that it snagged, we pray for a rapid recovery. 

There are all kinds of “runway closures,” mostly as a result of the pandemic. We have heard of several cancellations of local MCAA Squadron events; although unfortunate, the cancellations were wise moves as we try to break the contagion of the virus across the country. In kind, HQMC has postponed the Marine Air Board and accompanying Operational Advisory Groups (MAB and OAGs) that were supposed to happen in concert with the Symposium. 

As both a result of that decision and recent edicts from the Governor of California and the Mayor of San Diego, the MCAA Board of Directors has decided to cancel the 2020 Symposium scheduled for May 13th in La Jolla. For those who have already registered, we will process refunds (unless you would like to turn your fees into a tax-deductible donation; please let us know). This was a hard decision, as we were really looking forward to the event.  Not only did we have a lot of upgrades planned, but we truly wanted to recognize our annual Aviation Award winners. We still plan to find the right time to recognize them appropriately (read on!). 

As a reminder, the plan for 2021 is to return to the Sheraton Marina and Hotel in downtown San Diego. We’re hearing of some improvements in conditions in New Bern, so are weighing the option of finally returning to the East Coast in 2022. Stay tuned…

Despite the wildly fluctuating economy, the Association is still on sound footing. We’ve also seen a renewed interest in our history. We are in the midst of the 75th Anniversary of the Iwo Jima invasion, an island that took 5 weeks (Feb 9 – Mar 25, 1945) to expunge the enemy.  Your Association is a sponsor in some of the related remembrances, along with our annual support of the anniversary of the Battle of Midway Island in June. 

We are looking to reschedule an Awards ceremony for our 2020 Aviation Award winners.  Many options are on the table, although we’re focused on a one- or two-day event that centers around a banquet very similar to what we would have done on the last night of our annual Symposium. Depending on the interest of our Members  (you), we might add on other events, such as an out-brief from our Marines in the “hallway” concerning the future of Marine aviation, potentially golf, maybe a happy hour or two…If you have any strong feelings, please let us know. 

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